Jane MacMaster: Complex Problem Solving

14th–15th February, Abercrombie Business School, Room 2090
Click here for workshop details (pdf)
This workshop is relevant for both students and professionals from across all disciplines but is limited to 100 people.
Please register here for a place.

Recreo Espacial: Learning Astronomy through Movement and Music (Anya Yermakova and Sebastián Pérez)

Two sessions on 20th February.
Session 1 (General audience): 10:00am–11:30am. Teachers College Seminar Room 323A. Please register here for a place.
Session 2 (High-school student focus): 1:30pm–3:00pm. Slade Lecture Theatre, School of Physics, Physics Rd. Please register here for a place.

“Recreo Espacial” (Space Recreations) is an educational project aimed teaching astronomy through music and dance. The objective is to enhance the existing rich accumulation visual representations of scientific information with embodied human experience. In the workshop the participants will be guided through an experience of key concepts in astrophysics (for example: angular momentum and energy conservation, nature of gravity / general relativity). Having acquired an embodied intuition for these foundational principles, we demonstrate the possibility of an improvisatory game in which the participants “discover” the formation of stars and planets

Origami Workshop: Folding the Flock (Robert Lang)

20th February, 1:00pm–1:30pm, Slade Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Sydney University.
Please register here for your place.

This workshop will teach the audience how to fold a simple bird (an original design, not from the traditional repertoire) that they can take with them if they wish, or contribute to a collective mobile that can grow over the course of an extended time.

The Science of Food (Anna Wang and Yu Heng Lau)

20th February, 3pm–5pm, Slade Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Sydney University.
Register here for your place.

In this workshop, drawing on Harvard’s Science and Cooking series, you’ll learn some of the physics and chemistry underlying food. What does whipping cream teach us about communications networks? What does making a vinaigrette teach us about interfacial energy and lung collapse? Part cooking class, part science class, we’ll show how the microscopic interactions of ingredients give rise to macroscopic qualities. Finally we’ll temper some special chocolate as an illustration of phase separation, phase changes and crystallisation. What’s special about the chocolate? So glad you asked! We will be using Ruby Chocolate, a mysterious new form of chocolate, based on a naturally occurring variant of the cocoa bean. Come and try it out, all the name of education of course!

Origami Structures for Technological and Design Applications (Robert Lang) SOLD OUT

21st February, 10am—3pm (includes 1 hour lunch break)
Location: Sydney Nanoscience Hub Seminar Room 4001
SOLD OUT: Register here to be placed on the waiting list.

This workshop is a hands on workshop to explore a range of folding structures used in various technological applications, including foldable space structures, medical devices, and more! The workshop is very hands-on; you will be folding crease patterns and exploring the mechanical properties of folded structures and their underlying laws.

Introduction to Modular Origami Polyhedra (Robert Lang)

21st February, 4pm–5:30pm, Sydney Nanoscience Hub, Seminar Room 4001
Limited space for up to 50 high-school students: Please register here to secure your place.

Specifically tailored to high-school students, this workshop will introduce the audience members to the genre of modular origami, folding polyhedra from multiple interlocking sheets of paper. We begin with a simple polyhedral unit, then progress to more challenging units and larger polyhedra as time and audience permit. During the course, the audience will learn a little bit of 3D geometry, but they won’t mind the math because they’ll have folded some cool shapes to play with.

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